Ultra Cycling Camp

“Giving, receiving, sharing: these fundamental virtues of the sportsman are of all modes, of all eras. They are the sport. »



We start by getting to know each other over a coffee in a place of great beauty before everyone takes possession of the place. We will give you your welcome pack and then detail the course and its routes that we have taken the greatest care to identify.
Then we will all leave together, assisted by an assistance vehicle, for between 6 and 8 hours of saddling. A coffee break is planned.
At the end of the day and after a dinner specially prepared for us, a specific workshop will be presented to you around the components to master in order to succeed in this discipline.

After a lunch in this warm and friendly setting allowing us to approach this new day with all our abilities, we will all leave together, assisted by a vehicle, to do between 12 and 15 hours of saddling around the capital on the roads of the Race Across Ile de France. Two breaks are planned. We will voluntarily return home at nightfall to give you a full experience.

In the middle of the night we will drive to enjoy the first glimmers of daylight. We will drive west of Paris, through the Vexin, in recovery mode before returning to enjoy a Brunch and a well-deserved moment of relaxation.
We will enjoy together and with your loved ones, if you wish to let them enjoy this end of the internship, these last moments spent together or everyone will leave with a nice souvenir.
Everything has been thought and thought out to make this internship as suitable as possible for your needs and desires.
Whether you are a beginner Ultra Distance cyclist or looking for performance optimization, you will find in this course what suits you.

Ultra Cycling Camp is designed for those who are passionate about Ultra Cycling, but also for all those who wish to discover this discipline and discover the wonderful resources offered by the body.

You will have pleasant moments and will be able to escape from everyday life. You will also have the opportunity, during these saddle hours, to ask Arnaud all the questions you want, about these tricks, his participation twice in the legendary Race Across America, his records, about the creation of the RAF, the launch of his Ultra Talk Podcast, his most beautiful chess and his best memories.
Be sure that Arnaud and his team will share with you their extensive knowledge of Ultra Cycling and encourage you.
Arnaud is a professional and certified coach from the European Coaching Institute. He will be able to help you achieve your objective if necessary.

In order to keep a friendly and family spirit, we will all stay under the same roof and meals will be taken together. Sharing experience is essential in the discipline of Ultra Cycling.
In addition, it will also be an opportunity for good moments of “laughs” around a table in addition to those on the bike.


All our courses are limited to a maximum of 10 people: quality and proximity
Meals and accommodation all together
Balanced diet
Recipe for sports cuisine
Hardware Test
Specific Workshop
Jersey and cap of the course
Vehicle Assistance
accommodation offering quality services
locations selected for their beauty and facilitating cycling
Traces of the selected routes
The supervision
A real logistics for your comfort and safety
Various advice throughout the week
A focus on sharing experience
Good mood, motivation, and great ride!
For the Barn Hotel

Sauna access
Hammam access
Swedish bath access
We ask for a deposit of 200€ to guarantee you a place in Ultra Cycling Camp. The remaining deposit must be paid 30 days before the beginning of the course. Possibility to spread your payment between the time of booking and the date of the course.

For more information and to register for Ultra Cycling Camp, contact our team by e-mail raceacrossfrance@gmail.com

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